Real Estate Management

Agedi offers its clients a real estate technical-administrative management service (property and facility management), providing its extensive legal, technical and accounting skills. For this type of activity, Agedi’s role includes the following services:

Administrative Management (Property Management)

  • Rental management of the lettings (invoicing letting fees and condominium expenses, collection, charging of rises according to the relevant indexing, payment of condominium expenses)
  • Drafting of letting/rental agreements and any addendums
  • Preparation of management accounts reserved for owners
  • Analysis and monitoring of deadlines
  • When necessary, sending payment and default notices and injunctions (preparation of the dossier for the legal consultant). Where required and in agreement with the owner, starting legal action against the tenant to recover uncollected fees or, in extreme cases, obtain the availability of the property
  • Fulfilment of the taxation formalities for the payment of taxes
  • Insurance accident management
  • Relations with the Condominium Administration and participation in the condominium meetings
  • Relations with the authorities for signing electricity, gas, telephone contracts etc.

Condominium Administration (Syndic)

  • Call center
  • Account management (paying suppliers, keeping the accounts of the condominium, drafting quotes/management balances, requesting and collecting expense prepayments)
  • Calling and holding condominium meetings
  • Periodic property visits and inspections to check the state of repair, level of cleanliness and the regular operation of the systems
  • Immediately dealing with any faults, malfunctions or anomalies
  • Request of quotes, checking the correct execution of the works and the amounts invoiced, in relation to the good performance of the works carried out
  • Management of maintenance, repair and renovation works of the common areas and (if requested) the private properties
  • Sending of end of year balances, according to the set deadlines
  • Drafting of the management quote for future years, according to the set deadlines
  • Management of accidents, insurance claims, assistance to experts, also during inspections, request and supervision of repair and/or renovation works
  • Negotiation of contracts with suppliers and payment of invoices
  • Feasibility analysis to optimize costs (utilities, cleaning and consumables, personnel, system maintenance, etc.)
  • Management of the porter service
  • Fulfilment of all the required formalities at the various competent administrations and authorities

Facility management

  • Real estate facility management
  • Routine, extraordinary and programmed maintenance of properties and facilities
  • Cleaning and environmental hygiene
  • Maintenance of green areas
  • Security guard and reception